Tar Sands Oil

Stefan Andrej Shambora/Flickr

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered state agencies to review the safety and emergency response readiness capabilities related to rail shipments of tar sands oils being shipped through the state.

Howlmontreal/Creative Commons-Flickr

Two environmental groups in the region are helping to distribute a report warning that gasoline processed from tar sands will soon be commonplace, undercutting the region’s efforts to reduce carbon pollution.


A number of residents of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom and environmental groups say they want any effort to move tar sands oil in a pipeline between Montreal and Portland, Maine, to be subject to the state's land-use permitting process.

On Tuesday, the groups asked the Environmental Commission for a section of northeastern Vermont for permission to intervene if efforts are made to move tar sands oil through the pipeline. Currently, the pipeline carries regular crude oil between Portland and Montreal.