New England News
3:53 pm
Wed October 30, 2013

U.S. Forest Service Studies Springfield Reforestation Effort

An aerial photo with graphics shows the locations and types of new trees that were planted in Riverfront Park as part of a program to reforest Springfield following the June 1,2011 tornado
Credit City of Springfield

In the two years since a tornado tore through Springfield, Massachusetts a volunteer effort has spearheaded the planting of thousands of new trees.  The work is being done as the U.S. Forest Service conducts a study on the environmental impacts from the loss of the urban tree canopy.

More than 4,400 new trees have been planted in Springfield in the last two years in an effort to restore, largely for later generations, the shade trees that lined streets and filled public parks prior to the June 1, 2011 tornado.

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New England News
3:45 pm
Wed September 4, 2013

Early Childhood Education Organization Returns To Tornado Ravaged Neighborhood

A preschool classroom in Square One's new Family Square center in Springfield, MA
Credit WAMC

Officials in Springfield, Massachusetts have marked another step forward in the city’s recovery from the tornado that caused extensive damage 26 months ago.

With children singing and bright white, blue, and gold balloons buffeted by a gentle breeze, Square One celebrated the opening of its new center on Main Street in the South End Neighborhood on Wednesday.  It is just two blocks from where the early childhood education organization’s preschool and administrative offices were destroyed when the tornado roared through Springfield on June 1st, 2011.

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New England News
3:41 pm
Wed August 21, 2013

Plan Unveiled For Spending Disaster Recovery Funds

Officials in Springfield, Massachusetts have produced a plan for spending millions of dollars in federal disaster recovery funds.  It is the latest step in a long road to recovery from the June 1st,2011 tornado.

   Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno outlined at a city hall news conference Wednesday what he called an action plan for spending more than $13 million to build new housing, repair streets and sidewalks, remove blight, construct a new school and refurbish a park in neighborhoods devastated by the worst tornado Massachusetts has experienced in a half-century.

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New England News
12:26 pm
Mon July 29, 2013

HUD Foreclosure Decision Expected In September For Tornado Damaged Homes

More than two years after a tornado tore through a low-income housing cooperative in Springfield, Massachusetts, the residents of the damaged complex face an uncertain future.  More than two dozen homes remain vacant and condemned and there is the threat of foreclosure by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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New England News
6:09 pm
Wed July 10, 2013

Construction Begins To Replace Tornado Damaged School

Artist renderings of the new Brookings Elementary school displayed at a groundbreaking ceremony
Credit WAMC

Springfield, Massachusetts continues to rebuild from the tornado that caused extensive damage to the city 25 months ago.  A groundbreaking ceremony was held today to begin construction on a new elementary school to replace one that was rendered unusable by the tornado.

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New England News
3:55 pm
Fri May 31, 2013

Springfield Mayor Reflects On 2011 Tornado

Credit WAMC

This Saturday, June 1st, marks two years since Massachusetts was hit by the worst tornado the state has experienced in a half-century.  The powerful storm carved a 39 mile long, half-mile wide path through western Massachusetts.  Three people were killed, dozens injured, and more than 1400 buildings damaged or destroyed.  Much of the devastation, but none of the deaths, occurred in the city of Springfield.  WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill spoke with Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno as the city prepared to reflect on the 2nd anniversary of the tornado.

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The Roundtable
9:00 am
Wed May 22, 2013

5/22/13 - Panel

  WAMC’s Alan Chartock, University at Albany Journalism Professor and Investigative Reporter, Rosemary Armao, and Editor of The Daily Gazette, Judy Patrick.

This morning our discussion topics include:
Osama Pics
Post Tornado Efforts
Immigration Reform Passes Hurdle
Pope's Exorcism?
Apple's Taxes
Disney's "Brave" redesign

New England News
12:35 pm
Sat May 4, 2013

Tornado Recovery Group's Mission Ends

The long term recovery group formed following the June 1st 2011 tornado in Springfield Massachusetts disbanded earlier this week. The group called Springfield Community Together consisted of volunteers from roughly a dozen philanthropic, faith based, and other non-profit organizations.  One of the board members of the long term recovery group was Steven Abdow, who is business manager for the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts.  He spoke with WAMC”s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill

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New England News
4:49 pm
Wed March 27, 2013

Springfield Awarded $21.9 Million To Help Tornado Recovery

The tornado damaged South End Community Center in Springfield on June 2,2011. The city hopes to rebuild the community center at a different location in the same neigborhood
Credit WAMC

The  U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has awarded more than $21 million to the city of Springfield Massachusetts to help it recover from the June 2011 tornado. 

   Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno said the money will fund specific projects detailed in the tornado recovery master plan the city produced last year.

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New England News
1:55 pm
Wed March 27, 2013

HUD Considers Foreclosure On Tornado Damaged Housing Cooperative

Efforts by residents of a low- income housing cooperative in Springfield, Massachusetts to recover  from the June 2011 tornado have been dealt another setback.  The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development , which funded the  90- unit complex nearly 40 years ago, is weighing foreclosure.

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