toronto film festival

Rob Edelman: Brooklyn

Nov 2, 2015

BROOKLYN, a new film just released theatrically, is something rare in contemporary cinema. It is a gentle film, a sweet and refreshingly authentic love story with central characters who are genuinely nice. Yet it never is sappy, and always is endearingly entertaining and a pleasure to watch. It was screened in September at the Toronto Film Festival and, after the showing, its director, John Crowley, referred to it as “a fresh version of a familiar tale.” This is a spot-on description.

Rob Edelman: Film Festivals, Film Distribution

Oct 12, 2015

These days, plenty of films that play at festivals-- the most recent one I’ve attended is the Toronto fest-- are way under the radar. They make the rounds of the festival circuit, often for months and occasionally even for a couple years, with the intention of earning critical kudos, garnering audience praise, and grabbing the attention of distributors. But for a range of reasons, finding a U.S. distributor will be difficult if not impossible. Certainly, if a film is not American-made, it will end up with little or no theatrical distribution outside its maker’s home country.

Rob Edelman: Toronto Overview, Part 1

Sep 21, 2015

After months of mostly dismal movie-going, the fall film season is upon us and, as is the case every year, so many new films are invading the film festivals. Some are heavy hitters with Oscar dreams. Others are less-high-profile titles that are jockeying for attention. And this year, happily, so many of them are outstanding. In fact, for every disappointing film I saw at this year’s Toronto Film Festival, there were quite a few that were exceptional.

Rob Edelman: What Is Hot?

Sep 23, 2013

Before and during the recently-concluded Toronto Film Festival, I found myself inundated with emails drawing my attention to a range of films. None were hyping the titles with major movie stars and Oscar possibilities. The publicists of these films likely were turning away journalists who craved one-on-one interviews with a Meryl Streep, a Brad Pitt, or a Julia Roberts.

Rob Edelman: Standing Out from the Crowd

Sep 17, 2012

In all the years I’ve been attending the just-concluded Toronto Film Festival, I have never received so many emails from publicists alerting me to screenings or inviting me to attend media events or parties associated with specific films. There is a special sense of urgency to many of these emails, which feature phrases like “Film Alert,” “The Best Suspense Thriller at the Festival,” “Must-See Documentary,” Invite Reminder,” “Rising Norwegian Film Talent,” and “Exclusive Website premiere” in their subject lines.