tracy kidder

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Tracy Kidder's new book, A Truck Full of Money, chronicles the life of Paul English, a kinetic and unconventional inventor, philanthropist and entrepreneur suffering from bipolar disorder, who co-founded the travel website Kayak, which sold for almost 2-Billion dollars.

Kidder Speaks At Schenectady High

Nov 17, 2016

Author and journalist Tracy Kidder is appearing tonight at 7 p.m. for a free talk at Schenectady High School. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author will discuss his new book, A Truck Full Of Money. Kidder — whose other books include Mountains Beyond Mountains, Strength in What Remains, and The Soul of a New Machine — spoke with WAMC’s Joe Donahue about tonight’s event. 


Over his extensive career, Tracy Kidder has written some enormously popular books including his Pulitzer Prize and National Book of the Year award winning The Soul of a New Machine. Other bestsellers include Among Schoolchildren, Old Friends, and My Detachment. He has also written extensively about this region in his classic books: House and Home Town.