Trooper Overtime

Vermont State Police

A former Vermont State Police sergeant who pleaded guilty to charges he padded his timesheets is going to prison for up to two years and will repay $202,000 from his state pension.

James Deeghan entered the pleas to four charges Monday as part of an agreement with prosecutors. He was taken into custody at the close of the hearing.
In court, Deeghan said he had been under "tremendous" financial pressures. He also said he hoped people don't hold state police responsible for what he did.

Vermont State Police

The ongoing investigation into the overtime charged by a former Vermont State Police trooper has found that he wrote 973 traffic tickets over 12 years that were never given to a motorist or filed with the court.

That conclusion is among the latest findings in an investigation into alleged time-sheet padding by Sgt. Jim Deeghan, a former state police patrol commander in Chittenden County.

The details were in an affidavit filed by Detective Lt. Robert Cushing, who is investigating Deeghan's overtime practices.

The immediate supervisor of a former Vermont state trooper charged with falsifying his time sheets has been transferred to police headquarters in Waterbury.

The Burlington Free Press reported the transfer of Lt. Marc Thomas yesterday. Thomas had been the station commander at the state police barracks in Williston since May 2010.

Thomas said he was unsure how long the transfer would be in place.

Vermont authorities say they would try to collect any over-payments that may have been made to a former state trooper charged with falsifying his time sheets.

County Attorney T.J. Donovan has filed a lien on former Sgt. Jim Deeghan's home, which was put up for sale.

The Burlington Free Press reports Donovan wrote to Colchester Town Clerk Karen Richard that the state is trying to protect its interests by filing the lien. He wrote if convicted, Deeghan could face a possible restitution order.

Vermont State Police

A former Vermont state trooper charged with falsifying his time sheets says he's writing a check out to the state after being told the payroll office over-credited him in calculating his final paycheck.

Former Sgt. Jim Deeghan told the Burlington Free Press he'll be sending the amount back and won't contest it now, but maybe later.

Deeghan added that he has not seen all the evidence that state police say they have. He said he'd like to talk more about it, but he can't.

The state payroll office says it over-credited Deeghan by $964 in calculating his final check.

Vermont State Police

Vermont's public safety commissioner says problems with the time reports of a former trooper charged with falsifying his reports for June appear to stretch back at least two years.

Commissioner Keith Flynn of the Department of Public Safety says preliminary reports on the investigation into alleged false swearing by former Sgt. James Deeghan stopped short of calling the earlier time sheets evidence of criminal activity, but said there are what he termed anomalies.