U.S. Congressman Jim McGovern

As Democrats continue to regroup from last week’s electoral losses, a Congressman from Western Massachusetts says he’s sticking with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Congressman Jim McGovern of the second House district tells WAMC News that he will not back Ohio Representative Tim Ryan’s leadership challenge. Ryan, a seven-term Congressman, says it’s time for a change after the Democrats have lost 60 seats in the past six years. That, and next week's 43-mile hunger march through Western Massachusetts, are among the topics Rep. McGovern discussed with WAMC's Ian Pickus on Friday.

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Connecticut’s U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal and Massachusetts Congressman Jim McGovern are calling attention to a recent poll in hopes of blocking a Republican-driven amendment that would adjust limits on the number of hours truck drivers can be behind the wheel.

Jim Levulis / WAMC

Passionate speeches were abundant at this weekend’s Massachusetts Democratic Convention, even from many politicians who aren’t facing challengers in November.

Congressman Jim McGovern welcomed his fellow Democrats to the DCU Center in Worcester, his home district, for the party’s two-day convention Friday night.

“I know that by working hard and fighting for what we believe in that we’re going to have a huge victory on November 4th up and down the ballot,” said McGovern.

More than 10,000 Massachusetts Democrats are expected for this weekend’s state convention in Worcester. U.S. Congressman Jim McGovern will welcome the crowd to his district with a speech at the DCU Center.

Not facing a Democratic challenger or seemingly a Republican one in November, McGovern will use the speech to launch a campaign he’s calling ‘Declare Hunger Illegal.’

A weekend event in Pittsfield, Massachusetts will bring attention to the area’s immigrants, an issue that went quiet on the national stage amid the government shutdown.