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Utica College students shelter in place during Monday's lockdown.
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Officials at Utica College say a lockdown sparked by a telephone threat ended Monday afternoon after all buildings were searched and staff and students were taken to safe locations.

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Update: Around 5:05 p.m. Monday, Utica College issued the following statement via its Twitter account.

"Effective immediately, the lockdown on campus has been lifted. Residential students can return to their residence halls. Commuters, faculty and staff can collect their belongings. Law enforcement will remain on campus this evening and continue the investigation."

There are some amazing young people with amazing young minds attending schools all over the country and for some reason, they are just plain bad at being students.

Today on the Best of Our Knowledge, we’ll talk to a veteran educator about what it takes to develop the skills that help a student learn how to learn.

Then we’ll meet a refugee family who live in central New York, who are going to school and building a family in a town that makes them feel welcome.

We’ll also spend an Academic Minute with politicians and the media because no one ever talks about that.

The nation’s former top intelligence official spoke Wednesday at Utica College. Retired Admiral Mike McConnell told students that the United States is a nation at risk. More from Nate Bridge with the New York Reporting Project at Utica College.

Utica College Slashing Tuition Costs

Sep 16, 2015

While the cost of a higher education has continued to rise across the region, one small private college in upstate New York is attempting to buck that trend. Kevin Montano from the New York Reporting Project at Utica College has this story.

Tom Crist

Earlier this summer, a group of students from Utica College and a few other schools spent three weeks at an ancient archeological site in southern Albania. It was the most recent group to take part in an unlikely collaboration between the college and a national park in a little known part of the world.

Heroin Opioids The Latest Challenge Upstate

Apr 9, 2014
Matthew Kang, flickr

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration approved a prescription device that can inject a fast acting antidote to heroin and other opioid drugs. It’s the latest response to a surge in opioid abuse. Heroin use has doubled between 2007 and 2012. It’s no longer just an urban street drug—it’s now common in small town America.

Utica Remembers Role In Abolitionist Movement

Mar 31, 2014
Dave Chanatry

Almost 200 years ago, Utica was home to a passionate abolitionist community determined to rid the young nation of slavery. Now a local group is trying to remind the public of the significance of the city’s role in the anti-slavery movement.

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On election day this Tuesday, if voters pass the proposed amendment to the state constitution to allow casino gambling, New York will become the 21tst state to legalize commercial Las Vegas-style casinos. Across much of the country nowadays, gambling seems like the natural state of things. But it wasn't always that way.