Vermont budget

Vermont Statehouse
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The Vermont House passed a state budget late Thursday and sent the spending package to the Senate.

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The University of Vermont is seeking a 5.2 percent increase in state funding for fiscal year 2017 despite level funding in the governor's proposed budget.

Governor Peter Shumlin delivers budget address
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Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin delivered his last budget address to a joint session of the House and Senate Thursday. The Democrat says his plan will close a $68 million budget gap while not relying on one-time funds to pay for expenses.

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The Vermont Secretary of Administration has sent a memo to state government department heads asking for extremely cautious and level funded budget proposals for the 2017 fiscal year.

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Budget writers in the Vermont House are closing in on approving a spending plan for the coming fiscal year that calls for about $53 million in cuts, $35 million in new taxes and $24 million in what are termed "one-time" expenditures.

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin delivered his budget address this afternoon.

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Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin is scheduled to deliver his budget address Thursday afternoon. WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley takes a look at what’s expected.

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Two economists advising Governor Peter Shumlin and Vermont lawmakers say a national economic downturn in the first quarter of this year is likely to blame for softer-than-expected state revenues.

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The Vermont Senate is debating a $1.44 billion general fund budget, with increases for Medicaid providers, health care for retired teachers and affordable housing.

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The Vermont House has rejected raising income tax rates on top earners so the state can make up for cuts in federal support for food stamps.

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A statewide public hearing last night on Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin’s proposed 2015 budget drew few people, but those who testified made it clear that social services must be protected.

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin delivered his budget address to a joint session of the Vermont Legislature Wednesday afternoon.

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin says he wants to increase state spending by almost 3.56 percent in the next fiscal year.

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State officials in Vermont are taking a closer look at employees' travel budgets.

Vermont Governor's Office

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin outlined a budget plan of nearly $1.4 billion in his annual budget address to lawmakers Thursday afternoon.

Vermont’s Governor focused his fiscal plan on five areas that he said need targeted  investment: Education, Welfare reform, Health Care, Transportation funding and clean energy investments.

Vermont Governor's Office

One week later than originally planned, Vermont’s Governor outlined the state’s 2014 spending plan Thursday in his annual budget address

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin focused his fiscal plan on five areas that he said need bold transformation and targeted  investment.


The still sluggish economic recovery will mean Vermont will collect about $20 million less in revenue for three key state budget funds than had earlier been anticipated.

That was the word from consulting economists Jeff Carr and Tom Kavet, who met with a special state panel that reviews the state's finances twice a year.

The state of Vermont's financial picture may begin to clarify by the end of the week.

On Wednesday, the Emergency Board — a panel made up of the four legislative money committee chairs and Governor Peter Shumlin, is to hear a report from two economists on their forecasts for how much money the state is likely to take in during the coming year.


The Vermont House Appropriations Committee began hearings this week a mid-year budget adjustment.

Although the full Vermont Legislature does not convene until next week, the House Appropriations committee is working on a bill that would make any necessary changes to the existing state budget. Committee Chair Martha Heath says because the session begins late this year, the House speaker felt she should begin hearings early.

An additional $20 million in mental health spending is among a list of mid-year budget adjustments the administration of Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin is proposing to lawmakers.