Vermont Fish and Wildlife

Snapping turtle
George Scribner / Vermont Fish and Wildlife

The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife is urging people to watch out for turtles on the state's roadways.

Bald eagles had a record year for nesting in Vermont thanks to a mild spring
John Hall / Vermont Fish & Wildlife

Vermont biologists say the number of bald eagles that successfully nested in the state set a modern-day record this year.

Vermont will soon begin a three-year study of the state’s moose herd by capturing the animals and placing radio-collars on them.
Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife via Vermont Fish and Wildlife

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is starting a multi-year study to monitor moose.

Moose on highway
Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is warning drivers to be alert for moose crossing the state’s roads. 

Vermont’s ban on the use of felt-soled waders repealed as of July 1
Tom Rogers/Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department

Vermont is rescinding a five year ban on felt-soled waders.

Bob Popp/Vermont Fish and Wildlife

A southeastern Vermont wildlife management area will double in size after the state completes to land acquisitions.

A Vermont man has been charged by the state Fish and Wildlife Department with intentionally feeding bears.

Scott Darling/Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department

With nearly 90 percent declines in some species of bats due to White Nose Syndrome, scientists in the Northeast conducted an experiment this winter aimed at finding alternative strategies to save infected bats.

Steve Hillebrand/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

House lawmakers in Vermont have approved a ban on wild boar, after state Fish and Wildlife officials said they are concerned the boar could escape from captive hunting facilities and attack other animals.

Vermont residents will get a chance to weigh in a new proposed rule to regulate public activities on land owned by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.

The proposal would allow hunting and fishing on more than 133,000 acres but prohibits snowmobiling, mountain biking and horseback riding except in designated corridors.

Officials say the proposal will give game wardens the authority to enforce the rule.

The Fish and Wildlife Board has given preliminary approval to the proposal in the first of three votes.