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Scott Milne

Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Milne appears to be backing away from pre-election statements that he would concede the race if incumbent Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin won a plurality but did not get more than 50 percent of the vote.

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The surprisingly close result in Vermont’s governor’s race has pundits scratching their heads and trying to figure out why a Republican who was expected to get trounced came within a point of the two-term incumbent. Some are pointing to Governor Peter Shumlin’s push to single-payer health care and the rocky rollout of the state health care exchange as his key vulnerability. for Governor

It was a twist no one expected. Vermont two-term incumbent Governor Peter Shumlin was widely expected to trounce six challengers on election day. But the night dragged on, Tuesday turned to Wednesday, and still: no resolution. Now the race goes to the Legislature in January after the Republican challenger came remarkably close to winning.

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Vermonters could be facing another holiday season not knowing who their next governor will be. for Governor

Two of the seven candidates running for Vermont governor met in a televised debate Wednesday night. Incumbent Democrat Peter Shumlin faced off against Republican Scott Milne in an acerbic exchange. for Governor

Democratic Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin says his Republican challenger Scott Milne has it wrong when he says he wants to be a "boring" leader who doesn't want to make big changes.

Vermont Statehouse
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The candidates from Vermont’s four major parties running for governor met Tuesday evening to debate.

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin kicked off his reelection campaign this week, vowing to continue his commitment to take the state down a progressive path.

Scott Milne

Republican Scott Milne has formally launched his campaign for Vermont governor, accusing incumbent Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin of a radical style of governing and promising a more moderate approach.

Campaign for Vermont

Vermont businessman and pro-business activist Bruce Lisman says he will not run for governor this year.

Vermont Republican Party

Republican Representative Heidi Scheuermann of Stowe says she's decided not to run for governor of Vermont and will seek re-election to the House.

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A new poll from the online newspaper Vermont Digger and the Castleton Polling Institute shows a dramatic drop in Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin’s approval rating. Despite the 16 percent drop, pundits still expect the incumbent Democrat to be reelected this fall.

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Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin and legislative leaders say they've reached a deal on a budget and taxes for the coming fiscal year that they say won't require any additional tax increases.

An independent candidate for Vermont Governor is seeking an emergency injunction to allow her participation in debates.

Claiming potential manipulation of elections, Independent candidate Emily Peyton served the CBS and NBC television affiliates and Vermont’s largest newspaper Friday notifying them she is seeking an injunction to force them to allow her to participate in scheduled gubernatorial debates.  

WCAX, WPTZ and the Burlington Free Press have only scheduled the Republican and Democratic candidates.  

Vermont Republican gubernatorial candidate Randy Brock is criticizing incumbent Governor Peter Shumlin for what Brock says is too much time away from the office.

A Shumlin aide confirms Brock's assertion that Shumlin was out of state and turned the reins of government over to Lt. Gov. Phil Scott for 119 days during his first 21 months in office.

The lieutenant governor becomes acting governor any time the governor is outside Vermont's borders.

Seven out of Vermont's eight city mayors — including one Republican and one former Republican who's now an independent — are endorsing the re-election of Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin.

The group at a Statehouse news conference on Monday was led by Barre Mayor Thom Lauzon, a Republican who two years ago endorsed Shumlin's then-opponent, Lt. Governor Brian Dubie.

Lauzon says he appreciated Shumlin's leadership following flooding in Barre 16 months ago, and on transitional housing for people being released from the corrections system.