Vermont Health Connect

Vermont plans to hire a contractor to help address a backlog on Vermont Health Connect, the state's online health insurance marketplace.

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The two health insurance companies offering coverage through the Vermont state health exchange want to raise their rates for people and small businesses.

A new survey finds that many small businesses in Vermont are not signing up for the health care exchange.

Vermont officials say they won't know for several months how many people who looked at buying health insurance through Vermont Health Connect determined it was too expensive and decided to go without.

Commerce Secretary Lawrence Miller is going to be getting a new job overseeing all of Vermont's health care overhaul efforts.

Residents purchasing insurance through Vermont Health Connect can now pay their bills online.

Vermont Republicans want the deadline for small businesses to sign up for the state health insurance exchange delayed. They have also asked the Vermont federal prosecutor's office to investigate possible fraud by the software company in charge of the designing the exchange.

A federally supported research group will assist Massachusetts officials in reviewing the state’s options regarding the company contracted to operate its health insurance website.

Officials at Vermont's largest hospital say it will be at least 30 days before they know how smoothly it will go for people to move to the new health insurance system.

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Massachusetts and Vermont are withholding payments and considering legal options against the contractor that set up the states' problem-plagued health insurance websites.

Massachusetts has paid $11 million of its $69 million contract with CGI Group, a Montreal-based information technology company.

Jason Lefferts is a spokesman for the Commonwealth Health Connector, the state's insurance marketplace.