Vermont Health Connect

The state of Vermont is warning people to beware of phone scams from callers claiming to be selling health insurance in order to obtain personal information.

Vt. Says 3,401 Picked Health Insurance Via Website

Nov 14, 2013

The state of Vermont says 3,401 people have chosen a new health insurance plan through the Vermont Health Connect website.

The figure released Wednesday is up 263 people from Tuesday and it's well above the 1,325 figure released for Vermont by the federal government. The federal government figures represented signups through Nov. 2, the first month the federal health insurance marketplace has been in operation.

As of Wednesday, Vermont Health Connect said that 14,144 people have created accounts on its website and the site has had more than 133,000 unique visitors.

All 14 Vermont hospitals and two in New Hampshire are helping the state promote Vermont Health Connect, the marketplace that is to provide coverage as part of the incoming health reform efforts.

The state says that 3,138 people have chosen a new health insurance plan through the Vermont Health Connect website.

Vermont is delaying implementation of its health care exchange plan due to problems with the state's enrollment website.

The state of Vermont is going to delay the implementation of its health care reform plan in case problems with the state's website can't be resolved in time to meet the Jan. 1 deadline.

Officials with the administration of Governor Peter Shumlin are defending the performance of the Vermont Health Connect insurance exchange website, saying its performance is improving despite serious technical glitches since its launch October 1st.

Governor Peter Shumlin says the Vermont Health Connect health insurance marketplace's performance is improving, and there's no need now to talk about contingency plans in case it isn't fully functional by year's end.

Officials in Vermont say enrollment numbers are increasing after a rocky launch of Vermont’s health insurance marketplace.

Enrollment numbers are growing for the new Vermont Health Connect health insurance exchange, but on its second day of operation, the system continued to struggle with a too-slow website.