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Vermont Statehouse
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The Vermont Legislature adjourned on May 19th with the threat of a budget veto by the governor and a special session planned at the end of June to deal with vetoes.  Although the session ended with the focus on teacher health care contracts, the leaders of the legislature say the controversy overshadowed a number of legislative accomplishments.

Vermont Statehouse
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The Democratically-controlled Vermont Legislature adjourned last Friday despite budget veto threats from the Republican governor over the failure to reach a deal on a new teacher health insurance negotiation plan.

Despite a flurry of activity and work remaining on a number of bills, the Vermont Legislature is targeting adjournment by the end of this week.

Alison Bechdel listens as Clerk of the House reads proclamation naming her Vermont Cartoonist Laureate
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The Vermont House passed a resolution Thursday designating the state's third cartoonist laureate.  The laurels were presented to Tony winner Alison Bechdel.

Representative Job Tate
Vermont Legislature

A Vermont lawmaker will resign his seat in expectation of being deployed with the U.S. Naval Construction Battalions.

Vermont House Majority Leader Jill Krowinski
Verrmont Legislature

The Vermont House Appropriations Committee unanimously voted 11-0 Monday to send the proposed state budget to the House floor.  In advance of the debate House leaders are previewing the budget highlights.  House Majority Leader Democrat Jill Krowinski talks about what’s anticipated during the debate over the $5.8 billion fiscal plan.

Vermont Governor Phil Scott
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The Vermont Legislature has reached the midpoint of its current session.  The governor’s weekly press conference at the Statehouse on Thursday included a look at what progress has occurred since the session began in January.

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A simpler, stripped down marijuana legalization bill is being reviewed by the Vermont House Judiciary Committee after legislation that would have created a structure similar to Colorado's legal marijuana program failed during the last legislative session.

Representatives Mitzi Johnson (left) and Linda Myers
Vermont House

The majority Democrats in the Vermont House are expected to choose their nominee for Speaker this weekend while Republicans picked their nominee on Wednesday.  The selections mean the chamber will choose its third female speaker in the body’s history.

Vermont House chamber
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The leader of majority Democrats in the Vermont House is dropping her bid to become the state's next speaker.

The Democratic Caucus plans to elect a nominee for speaker on Saturday. The entire House will then vote on that nominee in January.

Rep. Sarah Copeland-Hanzas tells The Burlington Free Press she's no longer seeking the position because Rep. Mitzi Johnson has more support among Democratic lawmakers.
Johnson, a Democrat from South Hero, is now unopposed in the election.

Vermont Statehouse
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The Vermont Legislature adjourned its biennium just after midnight Saturday morning. Although lawmakers approved a spending plan that’s expected to raise $49 million in new revenue, they also failed to pass some major initiatives.

Young smokers
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A bill that was before the Vermont House to raise the smoking age was sent back to committee Tuesday for fiscal review.

Vermont Statehouse
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The Vermont House passed a state budget late Thursday and sent the spending package to the Senate.

The Vermont House has given preliminary approval to a bill designed to help low-income drivers with suspended drivers' licenses get them back.

Vermont Statehouse
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This is “Crossover Week” in the Vermont Legislature, the annual scramble to clear bills out of committees and onto the floor so that they can move to the opposite chamber for completion.


Vermont’s paid sick leave bill has received final passage in the legislature and the governor is expected to sign the measure into law.  Supporters say the state has made a critical move forward in economic justice.  But opponents contend it will hurt small businesses and the state’s economy.

Vermont Statehouse
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The Vermont House has passed a Senate version of a paid sick leave bill and sent it to Governor Peter Shumlin, who supports it.

Photo of Vermont Statehouse in winter
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In a post-midnight vote Saturday, the Vermont House passed a bill to ease spending caps on local school districts.

Vermont House Chamber
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The Vermont Legislature begins the second half of the 2015-2016 biennium today.  There are a number of issues up for debate, including recreational marijuana legalization and the possible suspension of a senator.  But the focus according to legislative leaders must remain on fiscal issues.

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Governor Peter Shumlin has appointed a Waterbury woman to a vacant seat in the Vermont House of Representatives.

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Vermont lawmakers passed a $5.5 billion budget with $30 million dollars in tax increases before ending their 2015 session Saturday night. WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley has a wrap-up.

The Vermont House has passed a bill designed to keep guns out of the hands of convicted felons and people who are dangerously mentally ill.

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A resolution calling for more to be done to guard against suicides among veterans and military personnel was cause for some high emotion in the Vermont House.

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The Vermont House has killed legislation that initially intended to ban teachers' strikes and the imposition of contract terms by school boards. The measure, amended to merely mandate a study of collective bargaining between teachers and school boards, was defeated on the floor Thursday.

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Majority Democrats in the Vermont House are still divided over legislation that would ban teachers' strikes and the imposition of contracts by school boards on the eve of scheduled floor debate on the issue.

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Vermont House lawmakers have joined objections to the kind of religious freedom law that generated a firestorm of opposition in Indiana.

Picture of a Vermont School Bus
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As experts and researchers debate the possible benefits and drawbacks of consolidation, the Vermont House has moved an education spending and governance bill that encourages school district mergers to the Senate.

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A Vermont House committee has approved about $20 million in both new and higher taxes to pay for increasing Medicaid provider payments and other health care-related items.

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The Vermont House gave preliminary approval Wednesday evening to a measure designed to clean up pollution in all of the state’s waterways.


The Vermont House has endorsed a bill that would require many school districts in the state to merge with their neighbors.