Vermont Legislature

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The co-chair of the Vermont Legislature's special Committee on Child Protection says the group is going to propose a number of new laws that members hope will close gaps in the child  welfare system identified in the aftermath of the deaths of two toddlers.

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Vermont Republican leaders say they're eager to work with Democrats to solve the challenges facing the state. for Governor

Vermont Republican legislative leaders say their party members can vote their consciences in the upcoming balloting to choose the next governor.

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Democrats in the Vermont House have lost their working veto-proof majority, but Democrats still have two-thirds plus one in the Senate.

Vermont’s governor has signed a number of bills into law over the past week and a half, including measures on energy efficiency, the minimum wage and tasers.

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Participants in Vermont's Reach Up welfare-to-work program will be seeing longer-lasting child care subsidies and an increase in the amount of income the program will disregard when calculating benefits.

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The Vermont Legislature adjourned over the weekend after passing budget and tax bills and legalizing some first in the nation measures.

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The Vermont Legislature has adjourned without setting a date to consider any gubernatorial vetoes, but the speaker of the House says he doesn't think a veto session will be needed.

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Uncertainty appears to be growing around a planned adjournment of the Vermont Legislature for this weekend.

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A long-serving and highly respected member of the Vermont House says he'll retire rather than seek re-election in the fall.