Vermont Public Service Board

Vermont Gas

The state Public Service Board has fined Vermont Gas Systems $100,000 for its slowness in reporting the first of two big cost increases on its pipeline project to extend its system from northwestern Vermont south to Addison County.

Vermont Gas

The president of Vermont Gas Systems is telling skeptical state regulators that the current cost forecast for a pipeline expansion in western Vermont is accurate now, even though its price tag already has gone from $86 million to nearly $154 million.

Vermont Gas

The Vermont Public Service Board has agreed to delay technical hearings on a controversial natural gas pipeline project.

A woman who worked for Vermont's Department of Public Service for 17 years is going to become the next member of the utility-regulating Public Service Board.

Green Mountain Power

The Vermont Public Service Board has ordered Green Mountain Power to pay to continuously monitor turbine noise at the Lowell wind project as part of a penalty for noise violations last year.

The state Public Service Board says Vermont Gas can continue its natural gas pipeline project in Addison County despite a 40 percent increase in the project's costs.

The Conservation Law Foundation wants the state to halt construction on the Vermont Gas Pipeline until regulators approve additional costs.

Courtesy NRC and Entergy Corp.

The owner of Vermont Yankee has taken a step to fulfill one of the items in an agreement with the state leading to the shut down of the nuclear power plant.

The debate over a proposed natural gas pipeline extension from Vermont to the International Paper Mill in Ticonderoga, New York, continued Wednesday night as the Vermont Public Service Board held a public hearing on the issue.


After years of contentious debate and legal battles, the state of Vermont and Entergy, the company that owns the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant announced on Monday afternoon that a settlement has been reached that will end all ongoing litigation and delineate a compressed decommissioning schedule.