Vermont Supreme Court

Vermont Supreme Court

Vermont Governor Phil Scott says he wants to re-start the nomination process to choose the next justice of the state Supreme Court.

Vermont Supreme Court building, Montpelier
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The Vermont Supreme Court will hear arguments this afternoon in a case that challenges outgoing Governor Peter Shumlin’s ability to appoint a new justice months before the position is actually vacated.

The Vermont Supreme Court has rejected an appeal of a man serving a life sentence in the kidnapping and killing of a St. Johnsbury Academy teacher in 2012.

Vermont Supreme Court

The Vermont Supreme Court has ordered New Hampshire-based C&S Wholesale Grocers to pay roughly $30,000 in sales tax to the state.

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The Vermont Supreme Court is now considering who is responsible for maintaining little-used rural roads when people live on those roads.

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Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin has announced he will appoint Judge Harold "Duke" Eaton, Jr., to serve on the Vermont Supreme Court.

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The Vermont Supreme Court has ruled for the Burlington International Airport and its plan to demolish 54 nearby homes so it doesn't fall out of compliance with federal noise mitigation rules.

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The Vermont Supreme Court says the state can't collect DNA from suspects in criminal cases unless they've been convicted of a felony.

Green Mountain Power

The Vermont Supreme Court has upheld a permit for the way Green Mountain Power is managing storm water runoff from its Kingdom Community Wind generating project in Lowell.

Green Mountain Power

The select board chair in the northern Vermont town of Lowell expects wind energy will be an item on the agenda for the 2014 Town Meeting Day.

Green Mountain Power

Opponents of the Lowell Mountain Wind project took their case to the Vermont Supreme Court on Thursday, where lawyers argued whether the state improperly permitted the project’s stormwater permits.

wind turbines
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The lawyer for six people convicted of protesting construction of Green Mountain Power's Kingdom Community Wind project in Lowell says she's disappointed the Vermont Supreme Court upheld the convictions.

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The Vermont Supreme Court has rejected a defense lawyer's bid to get some cases thrown out on the grounds that the prosecutor was not properly elected.

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The Vermont Supreme Court has rejected a claim by a former Republican U.S. Senate candidate from Vermont that President Barack Obama's name should not have been placed on last year's Vermont ballot because he is not a "natural-born citizen" of the United States.

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Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin has appointed Superior Court Judge Geoffrey Crawford to the Vermont Supreme Court.

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A judge has cleared the way for a former St. Johnsbury town manager to take his bid to get his job back to the Vermont Supreme Court.

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Vermont's secretary of state has lost an appeal over the nominating petition process for independent candidates for president.

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The Vermont Supreme Court has upheld a lower court's dismissal of a suit brought against the city of Burlington by its fired former waterfront manager.

The Vermont Supreme Court has overturned the conviction of a man charged with felony crack cocaine possession because the justices determined the defendant had been illegally arrested and searched.

The Vermont Supreme Court has dismissed a request for an injunction to shut down the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant.

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant
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A lawyer for the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant's owner told the Vermont Supreme Court it should dismiss a complaint that says the plant has been disobeying orders from the utility regulating Public Service Board.

During oral arguments Wednesday, Entergy Corp. lawyer Kathleen Sullivan said the board was in error when it ruled twice last year that by continuing to operate the plant, Entergy was violating the terms of the board's ruling that allowed the company to buy the plant in 2002.

The Vermont Supreme Court has ruled that a judge can impose restrictions on a search warrant in an electronic privacy case.

The state had complained that a lower court judge had placed too many restrictions on a search warrant that Burlington police had obtained for a man's computer and other electronic devices in an identity theft investigation.

Police believed a Burlington man had used a computer to apply for credit cards in the name of an elderly New York state man.


The Vermont Supreme Court has rejected a series of appeals filed by opponents of a project to build a series of wind turbines on Lowell Mountain.

The towns of Albany and Craftsbury and a citizens group called the Lowell Mountain Group had asked the Supreme Court to overturn an order issued by the utility-regulating Vermont Public Service Board that gave permission for the 21-turbine project to go forward.

After the board issued the final permit for the project last year, construction on the facility began. It is expected to be generating electricity soon.

The Vermont Supreme Court is on the road today.

The court is hearing seven cases at the historic courthouse in Chelsea.

The justices normally hear oral arguments at the Supreme Court building in Montpelier, but occasionally take their show on the road.

Two of the cases Wednesday involve election issues.

Trudell versus Markowitz focuses on petition filing deadlines for independent candidates.

State versus Green Mountain Future focuses on when groups need to register as political action committees.