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Enrollment is increasing for an online K through 12 school in Massachusetts entering its second year.

Tom Check / Flickr

A Western Massachusetts school committee has voted to keep the state’s only operation virtual school open next year.

Recently the Greenfield Public Schools Committee voted to reverse an earlier decision that would have discontinued the operation of the district’s Massachusetts Virtual Academy in the 2013-2014 school year.

Some committee members had felt that ceding control of the Virtual Academy to the state’s new Commonwealth Virtual School program would be too similar to creating a charter school.

The only virtual public school in Massachusetts will be closed this June, after a school committee vote last week to not continue the school under a recently approved state law that hopes to expand virtual schools with stricter state oversight.

Virtual Schools primarily teach students in online classrooms. And while many traditional schools use online teaching materials to broaden instruction, a virtual school usually operates for students unable to attend a regular school.