WAMC Engineering

Engineering Update
8:41 am
Sat September 6, 2014

90.3 FM Off The Air

WAMC Tower on Mt. Greylock
Credit Andy Arthur / Flickr

** UPDATE - As of 10 a.m. all technical difficulties have been resolved and WAMC is back on the air on all station that were affected. Thank you for your patience. **

We are experiencing technical difficulties with some of the stations in the WAMC/Northeast Public Radio chain. Our main transmitter - 90.3 FM, Mount Greylock - is down.  Some other stations in the network may also be experiencing outages.  Our engineering crew is working hard to fix the problem. If you are having trouble hearing us on your usual frequency, don't forget that you can always listen online. Just click the "Listen Live" link at the top of this page.  Thank you for your patience.

WAMC Engineering
8:20 am
Mon April 7, 2014

UPDATE: WANC, 103.9 FM, Ticonderoga Is Back On The Air

UPDATE:  Engineers have our transmitter at 103.9 FM in Ticonderoga back on the air. Thank you for your patience! 

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WAMC Engineering
10:55 am
Wed November 21, 2012

97.1 FM in Hudson off the air

A note from WAMC Engineering:  Our transmitter in Hudson, New York   - 97.1 FM - is off the air at this time. According to our engineers, a tower move is to blame for the disruption of services.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope this is a relatively brief outage.  In the meantime, listeners in the Hudson area are invited to listen online. Click "Listen Live" at the top of this web page.