Robert Knott is an actor, writer, and producer and a few years ago he was chosen by the Estate of author Robert B. Parker to carry on the Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch series of western novels.

Knott’s list of stage, television, and film credits include the feature film Appaloosa based on the Robert B. Parker novel which he adapted and produced with actor and producer Ed Harris. Also among his credits is the television mini-series The Stand based on the Stephen King novel. He also had roles in The Coneheads, Pollack and The Garage.

His new novel in the Cole and Hitch series is Robert B. Parker’s The Bridge.

    Elmore Leonard, who died Tuesday at age 87 from complications from a recent stroke, influenced an entire generation of crime writers with his gritty crime novels and shoot-'em up Westerns. Works like “Get Shorty,” “Freaky Deaky” and “Glitz” established him as a modern master of American genre writing. His novels were often adapted for the large and small screen, including a short story, “Fire in the Hole” which was adapted for television as the FX show “Justified” which won a Peabody Award in 2011 in its second season.

Joe Donahue speaking with Elmore Leonard on the occasion of the publication of Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing. We re-air a portion of that interview in memoriam.

    The very popular Virgil Cole western series by Robert B. Parker has been resurrected three years after the author’s death by newcomer, Robert Knott.

In Ironhorse, Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch - newly appointed as Territorial Marshalls - find themselves traveling by train through the Indian Territories.