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Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is among a series of speakers marking Williams College’s 226th commencement this weekend.

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A bold project nearing completion on the Williams College campus hopes to meet strict eco-friendly criteria.

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  The first US exhibition to concentrate on artist Andy Warhol’s book work, Warhol by the Book opened at the Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA) March 7 and will be on view through August 16.

The Academic Minute for 2015.3.16 - 3.20

Mar 20, 2015

Catch up with The Academic Minute from 3.16 - 3.20

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Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick will be one of five speakers marking Williams College’s commencement in June.


The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of International Affairs recently awarded Williams College professor Jessica Leight a $1.3 million grant to study a girls’ education program in India. Over the next few years, the assistant professor of economics will lead a team of academics from Dartmouth College, MIT, University of Minnesota and Harvard Graduate School in evaluating how the non-governmental group Room to Read impacts girls’ schooling and life skills and therefore their participation in the child labor market.

This Week on The Academic Minute (2015.03.16)

Mar 16, 2015

This Week on The Academic Minute (2015.03.16 - 3.20)

Monday, March 16
Laura Rokosz of Monmouth University explains the vertical irrigation systems of aeroponic gardens.

Tuesday, March 17
Wayne Potts of The University of Utah details his toxicity testing on fructose and table sugar.

Wednesday, March 18
Chapman University's Ky Kugler explores frequency and severity of concussions.

This is a photo of Williams College in Williamstown, MA
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Efforts urging Williams College to divest its $2.3 billion endowment from the top 200 fossil fuel companies are continuing. In a letter to college leadership, faculty and staff are joining the campaign which has largely been led by students and alumni.

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Do or do not. There is no try. That’s what a group of Williams College students learned over winter break when they worked to set a world record with LEGOs. WAMC’s Berkshire Bureau Chief Jim Levulis — not many Bothans — has more information.

    Founded in 1926 the Williams College Museum of Art is one of the oldest museums in the county and features changing exhibitions of its permanent collection as well as travelling shows. Located in the heart of the Williams campus just a few steps off Spring Street in Williamston, the museum is open year round and admission is always free.

The museum has more than 14,000 objects in its collection including the largest collection in the world of work by brothers Charles and Maurice Prendergast. Their current exhibitions include – but are not limited to - Frank Lloyd Wright: Early Work; Looking At and Looking Through: Rethinking Portraiture; and Immortal Scripts.

Lisa Dorin, Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs and Kevin Murphy, Eugenie Prendergast Curator of American Art are here today to let us know what's on view and what's coming up at the museum this spring.

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A coalition of Williams College students and alumni are calling on the private college to divest its $2.3 billion endowment from top fossil fuel companies.

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Williams College is celebrating the life and legacy of one its most distinguished faculty members. In part one of a two-part series, the school Tuesday night hosted a panel discussion in honor of the late historian and political scientist James MacGregor Burns.


With Halloween creeping closer on Friday, a Williams College professor and author is giving a very timely, yet eyebrow-raising talk at Berkshire Community College tomorrow. Colin Adams is a mathematics professor, humor columnist for the Mathematical Intelligencer and author whose new book is titled Zombies & Calculus.

Adams spoke with WAMC’s Berkshire Bureau Chief Jim Levulis to explain how the characters in the novel use math to battle zombies.

Williams College Athletics

Williams College will dedicate its renovated athletic complex Saturday with a slate of games, a community-wide tailgate and the return of longtime coaches.

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One of four remaining copies of the original Magna Carta is on display at The Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts, surrounded by influential documents in American history.

Rónadh Cox

A Williams College professor has been awarded a $75,000 grant to continue studying coastal impacts in Western Europe caused by storms.

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An agreement between Williams College and a local ambulance service announced Tuesday is the latest in a changing regional healthcare landscape marked by the sudden closure of North Adams Regional Hospital in March.


With the semester starting August 25th, Williams College and Village Ambulance Service, Inc. have reached an agreement to provide on-call transportation for students needing to get to non-emergent medical appointments.

Stewart Burns

Historian and political scientist James MacGregor Burns has died at the age of 95.

Wild Oats Market

A food assistance program in Berkshire County is making fresh food available for people in need.

Williams College

A new program at Williams College allows students to strip the walls of the campus art museum. 

Carolina Jaramillo is a sophomore studying biology, philosophy and chemistry at Williams College.

“I can’t say that I came into Williams expecting some opportunity like this,” Jaramillo said. “When I did hear about it, it was very exciting and I jumped at the opportunity to do it.”

In today’s Academic Minute, Dr. Elaine Handley of Empire State College explores the long literary tradition of writing about inanimate objects. 

About Dr. Handley

Dr. Elaine Handley - Ekphrastic Writing

In today’s Academic Minute, Dr. Jennifer Crosby of Williams College examines how we react to perceived prejudice in a social setting. 

Jennifer Crosby is an assistant professor of psychology at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Her Groups Process and Social Interactions Lab examines individual and situational factors affecting attention, decision-making, and behavior in intergroup interactions. She earned her Ph.D. at Stanford University.

The whereabouts of alleged NSA leaker Edward Snowden is only the latest mystery surrounding the agency’s phone and internet surveillance programs that were largely clandestine up until about three weeks ago.

For Dick De Veaux, professor of statistics in the department of mathematics and statistics at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, news of the programs wasn’t surprising. Since 2004 De Veux has been taking part in a summer program organized by the NSA to bring some of the best technical minds together and troubleshoot their data collection and analysis programs.

Courtesy the Lavin Agency

In 2002, President George W. Bush coined the phrase ‘Axis of Evil’ in reference to nations he believed were actively building nuclear weapons for use against the United States and its allies.

More than 10 years later, the nuclear capabilities of one of those countries, the Islamic Republic of Iran, remains a top issue in the U.S. and beyond.

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A two-day series of events commemorating the life and message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was held at Williams College.

On the Williams College campus, programs were held throughout Sunday and Monday paying tribute to Dr. King. Ranging from a documentary film screening, lectures, a gallery exhibition, and a presentation with local school children, students, faculty and the public took the time to remember and reflect the actions of those in the civil rights era.

Dr. Jay Pasachoff, Williams College – Transit of Venus

Jun 4, 2012

In today’s Academic Minute, Dr. Jay Pasachoff of Williams College explains the rare transit of Venus taking place on June 5th.