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Clean energy advocates are calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers to ramp up plans for large scale renewable energy beyond the $1.5 billion over 10 years proposed this month by the New York State Energy Resource Development Authority.

New York is drawing more and more power from wind and solar, but its renewable energy standard is set to expire at the end of the year.

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The small town of Hancock, Massachusetts plans to sue the cooperative behind a Berkshires wind turbine project over payment disputes.

The Connecticut Supreme Court has sided with a state agency regulating wind energy, rejecting a challenge by opponents of a wind power project.

Connecticut lawmakers have approved regulations governing wind power in Connecticut, ending an impasse that blocked new turbines producing clean energy.

The legislature's Regulation Review Committee approved regulations Tuesday that define various mechanical parts of wind turbines, stipulate how siting officials may measure the height of wind turbines and provide other technical details.

A 2011 law called for the state Siting Council to adopt regulations governing wind power. But the Regulation Review Committee has rejected several proposed rules since late last year.

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Regional environmental groups have released a report highlighting a potential for growth in wind energy.

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A recent national study finds that wind turbines have no effect on property values. But some western Massachusetts residents disagree.

Some Vermont legislators pushing for moratorium on wind power projects believe a pending recommendation from a commission created to review the sites won't come in time to influence debate on the bill.

The commission's deadline is April 30, with a draft report expected by the end of March.

Two Vermont state senators are calling for a three-year moratorium on large-scale wind power projects in the state, and for giving energy projects more thorough environmental review.

State regulators have approved the utility NStar's deal to buy a significant portion of the Cape Wind offshore wind project's planned power.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities announced its decision to approve the 15-year deal Monday.

NStar's agreement to buy 27.5 percent of the wind farm's power was nearly identical to the utility National Grid's previously-approved agreement with Cape Wind to buy half its power.