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When the Olympics kick off in Rio de Janeiro this August, thousands of athletes will put years of training to use in hopes of bringing home a medal. Now, due to an issue brought into the limelight by former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner, a change in Olympic legislation will diversify the field of competitors even more.

At Marathon Finish Line, Two Types Of Relief

Apr 26, 2015

People were pushed up against the metal fences on either side of the street holding up signs, ringing cowbells, and waving clappers in the air. Spirits were high, despite the overcast clouds and constant rain. Marathon runner, German Caraang, shares his experience of his first Boston marathon.

Tapping Into Spring With Maple Sugar Farmers

Apr 14, 2015

As soon as the winter season comes to a close, maple sugar farmers are out the door with buckets and tubing equipment harvesting sap from their local area.

Holidays With Family

Apr 5, 2015

Take any holiday morning…and the Quinn-Rowe family is dressed to the nines. My mother is wearing her “holiday diamonds” and is emulating a Jackie O. style. Freshly showered and finally smelling like something other than last night’s Fireball shots, my brothers are dapper alongside one another in their button-downs and loafers. Kevin, my stepfather, is hurrying us all along in his pressed suit as I rush to the car in my 6-inch high heels and “church wear.”

Autism Awareness Begins At Home

Apr 2, 2015

Every summer my family takes a road trip to New York City for just a few hours. This trip is to bring my younger brother, Ben, down to a bus stop where he, and about one hundred other kids, pack in together and then drive to a camp in Utica. There, he’ll spend seven weeks working, camping, learning and living with other adolescents and kids, who have been diagnosed with different levels of autism.

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Since the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, the heroin epidemic that has seized the country has received a much-needed increase in publicity.  However, the problem is still far from being controlled.

Nutrition, Not Just Exercise, Key To Getting In Summer Shape

May 6, 2013
Jennifer Chait, flickr

With the warmer weather here, more people are heading outdoors and striving to be in better shape and lose weight -- but it’s not all about being active. As WAMC’s Michael Masciadrelli reports, it’s all about paying more attention to proper nutrition.

Minor Leagues Have Captivated Fans For Decades

May 2, 2013

Minor league sports focus on developing talent for the big leagues.  Yet they’ve been a staple of American culture for more than a century.  Reporter Pat O’Rourke explains what attracts fans to the minors.

NHL Lockout Helped Regional AHL teams

Apr 24, 2013

Earlier this season, the National Hockey League suffered its third work stoppage in 20 years due to a labor dispute between the owners and the NHL Players Union. Many contend that the lockout damaged the game.  But as Patrick O’Rourke reports, the American Hockey League was happy to see the major players skating in the minor leagues.

Deciding on a career path is difficult, especially for college students who haven’t yet declared a major. Western New England University’s Leighann Camarero reports on some tips that can help students allay their worries.