YA Fiction

Sarah Dessen - The Moon and More

Dec 9, 2013

In time when most authors are writing about the end of the world, zombies and vampires, Sarah Dessen has remained true to her roots - and with wild success. For almost two decades, Dessen has delighted young adult readers with her stories of friendship, love, family and growing up. Her newest novel, The Moon and More is no exception. We’re brought back to Colby, North Carolina where we explore what constitutes as a family, and the fine balance between locals and vacationers.

Mary Pope Osborne - The Magic Tree House

Oct 4, 2013

For over twenty years Mary Pope Osborne has entertained and educated her readers with brother-sister team Jack and Annie as they explore the world in the Magic Tree House series. Each book is a new adventure for everyone as they meet people like Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, explore the moon, and experience the Great Depression firsthand.

Kate Messner - Wake Up Missing

Sep 27, 2013

Kate Messner’s new novel, Wake Up Missing, has all the qualities you want in a thriller: deceit, science taken to the extreme, and characters that you root for – especially when it looks like there is no hope. Messner has taken two very prominent issues ripped from the headlines, and combined them into a fast paced cranial feast as she explores concussions and gene therapy.

David Levithan - Two Boys Kissing

Sep 19, 2013

David Levithan’s new novel, Two Boys Kissing will make you laugh and cry, but best of all, it will make you relive those perfect innocuous moments of finding and then being with your first love. Levithan also takes it several steps further by having the lost generation of AIDS victims tell the story as they see it unfolding.

Sara Farizan - If You Could Be Mine

Sep 12, 2013

In Sara Farizan’s debut novel, If You Could Be Mine, she articulately weaves a tale of secret love, self-actualization, and most of all hope for a better tomorrow. Set in current day Iran, Farizan writes about being gay in a society that punishes homosexuality and tries to fix them by offering transgender surgery, while also capturing the multitude of emotions that love infects in everyone.

Michael Hassan - Crash & Burn

Aug 21, 2013

In Michael Hassan’s debut novel Crash & Burn, we’re told a story that people are all too familiar with in today’s headlines - a school shooting. In the weeks and months after his school was taken hostage at gunpoint by his ex-best friend Burn, Crash re-hashes his role in saving the school and the events that led the two childhood friends take two very different paths. This page-turning fictional story has the grit of real teenage life, and stresses out the reader in ways that makes you crave more.

Jeff Probst - Stranded 2: Trial By Fire

Aug 16, 2013

Jeff Probst has become a household name. As the host of the reality TV show Survivor, Probst has brought viewers to remote locations for 26 seasons, as marooned strangers duke it out to be the sole survivor and win the million dollar prize. But that’s not all Probst does; he wrapped-up his daytime talk show in February, has directed two feature films, and now he’s co-writing a tween series, Stranded, of which the second book, Trial by Fire is out now.

Scott Speer - Natural Born Angel

May 14, 2013

In Scott Speer’s enthralling Immortal City trilogy, the world has changed. Angels have ‘come out’ and it’s their turn to have a piece of the American dream. No longer are the Hollywood Hills & Walk of Fame filled with movie stars, instead they’re names of the greatest Angels, and the best shows are the real life saves that a streamed real time. Angels are the rock stars of the world, and no one can forget that it’s pay to save. Now the second novel in the series is out, Natural Born Angel, and Maddy and Jacks are at a cross roads, as the roles are reversed, futures are in question, and the big and bad, just got bigger and badder. 

Nova Ren Suma - 17 & Gone

Apr 25, 2013

Last spring, Nova Ren Suma enraptured readers with her debut novel Imaginary Girls. Now she’s done it again with her haunting and unforgettable new book 17 & Gone. Set in the Hudson Valley village of Rhinecliff, the novel follows Lauren who experiencing visions of missing girls. It’s not a ghost story though, but a tale of finding what is lost and feeling a connection to someone you’ve never met.

Nova Ren Suma will be at Oblong Books in Rhinebeck NY with 3 other YA authors this Sunday, April 28th at 4PM.

Megan Shepherd - The Madman's Daughter

Mar 27, 2013

We’ve all heard of the story, if not read, H.G. Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau.  As narrator Edward Prendick   accounted the happenings of the Island, we got a creepy glimpse into vivisection. Author Meghan Shepherd has now taken the tale one step further, and her novel The Madman’s Daughter tells the story from the newly created daughter of Dr. Moreau, Juliet.