New England News
12:34 pm
Mon October 27, 2014

Calculus And Zombies? How To Use Math To Defeat The Walking Dead

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With Halloween creeping closer on Friday, a Williams College professor and author is giving a very timely, yet eyebrow-raising talk at Berkshire Community College tomorrow. Colin Adams is a mathematics professor, humor columnist for the Mathematical Intelligencer and author whose new book is titled Zombies & Calculus.

Adams spoke with WAMC’s Berkshire Bureau Chief Jim Levulis to explain how the characters in the novel use math to battle zombies.

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The Best of Our Knowledge
2:00 am
Wed October 22, 2014

The Best Of Our Knowledge #1257

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It takes a lot to survive a zombie apocalypse: speed, endurance, cunning…and apparently a working knowledge of calculus.

Today on the Best Of Our Knowledge, we’ll talk to the author of the new novel Zombies and Calculus and see why surviving a zombie attack takes brains.

We’ll also hear an essay about running away from your school bully straight into adolescence. I’ll talk to a Florida ROTC teacher who recently wrote a book about how to get into the college of your choice…and pay for it.

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Commentary & Opinion
12:40 pm
Mon July 15, 2013

Rob Edelman: Apocalypse Then and Now

The apocalypse is upon us. And no, cinematically-speaking, I am not referring to a remake or re-release of Francis Coppola’s APOCALYPSE NOW.

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