Alan Chartock: Message from The President

WAMC President and CEO Alan Chartock shares his thoughts in this monthly column.

Dr. Alan Chartock is professor emeritus at the University at Albany.  He hosts the weekly Capitol Connection series, heard on public radio stations around New York. The program for almost twelve years, higlighted interviews with Governor Mario Cuomo and now continues with conversations with state political leaders. Dr. Chartock also appears each week on The Media Project on WAMC and offers commentary on other WAMC programs such as Midday Magazine.

Fearless 2014 Predictions

Dec 31, 2013

Here are my fearless predictions for the coming year at WAMC. Let’s remember the rules. Some of these predictions are based on things I do NOT want to see happen, so I predict them to put the whammy on them. Others I want to see happen so I predict them to make them happen. Then there are things I actually want to see happen. Any inspection of past events will show just how accurate I have been in that department. So here goes.