2013 Albany NY Mayoral Forum on Sustainability

Jun 25, 2013

Credit The New York League of Conservation Voters Education Fund

We are just one week away from the Albany Mayoral Forum on Sustainability...  

Back in mid-May, Albany was rocked by the news that longtime Mayor Jerry Jennings was opting not to seek a sixth term. The announcement was a game-changer for a cavalcade of mayoral hopefuls, many of whom will gather for a forum co-hosted by WAMC and the New York League of Conservation Voters at the Linda July 2nd at 11 a.m.

Joseph Sullivan, Marlon Anderson, Kathy Sheehan, Corey Ellis and Jesse Calhoun will participate in the Albany Mayoral Forum on Sustainability, which will be co-hosted by WAMC President/CEO Alan Chartock and NYLCV Education Fund President Marcia Bystryn. The event will focus on all the aspects of sustainable living that impact urban life, including waterfront development, energy efficiency and climate adaption.
Credit Photo composite by Dave Lucas

Democratic Party-backed city Treasurer Kathy Sheehan told WAMC she's primed to tackle Albany's fiscal challenges. Sheehan plans to advocate for women and minorities and the perspective they bring to the political arena.

Fellow Democrat Corey Ellis, who captured 44 percent of the vote in the 2009 mayoral primary, believes in the mayor's role as "champion" of city youth. Ellis hit the campaign trail running. He says that although Sheehan may have a bigger warchest, he doesn't believe money will determine the outcome of the election.

Conservative Party candidate Joe Sullivan doesn't wince when he says he stands for "the American way."  Independent candidate Jesse Calhoun sang for the crowd at the Repeal the NY Safe Act rally in Albany on May 28th.  Calhoun describes himself as a “local musician, Internet radio show host and activist.”

Community activist Marlon Anderson pushed for debates from the day he announced his latest independent candidacy, advocating proper vetting for all aspirants, urging mayoral hopefuls and voters to look to New York City for guidance.

Anderson's wish comes true thanks to the New York League of Conservation Voters Education Fund and WAMC. The forum hopes to answer questions about Albany’s environmental future, covering transportation, technology and community issues.

Candidates participating in The Mayoral Forum on Sustainability, July 2nd at The Linda, will answer questions submitted by the public.